Day 5 of Challenge

20150909_012113-Nefertiti-cropped, corrected PS15-smaller to post      Sketch of Nefertiti 

This day 5 work is a sketch I did of the Nefertiti bust (from an online search) for Every Day in September, a sketch group challenge on Facebook. That challenge has daily prompts to use – the subject was “Egyptian.” I will post this for the 30 paintings challenge too since I’m running several days behind!

I drew this with pencil in my 6×9 sketchbook, used black ink in places and colored it with Inktense pencils. I have had them for some time, but have used them very little. This seemed like the perfect opportunity to play with and learn something about using them. It was an interesting challenge, considering I have done almost no colored portraits (which in essence this is even though it’s from a statue). I didn’t quite capture the face, but I enjoyed the exercise anyway! No matter what the subject matter or what the media, I just love creating art and learning from the process!



Two birds, one stone… Not that I advocate stoning our bird friends! It all started Monday morning, while I was emailing members of Spokane Watercolor Society and then answering the numerous emailed questions I received. I suddenly realized that I had overlooked an important detail or two regarding our upcoming 2015 SWS Member Show. First, I had forgotten that because of the location where it will hang, there is a theme to this show – nature. That means that the painting I had planned to enter, a cityscape, doesn’t fit the theme. No problem-I have all these paintings I’ve already done this month which include some florals and two animals, so I can just frame and enter one of those. Oops, that won’t work either because the minimum image size is 8″x10″ and all of these are only 7 1/2″ wide or less. Oh my… So, emergency painting time! I did get it drawn and ready to paint, so that’s progress. Now, referring back to “Two birds, one stone,” I can also use it as one of my 30 in 30 paintings! Now I just have to paint it!

In the meantime, I’ll share one of the pictures I completed  in early November. This was the October monthly watercolor challenge subject on Wetcanvas (yes, I was a few days late finishing and posting it). The subject is a photograph of a Florentine School statue in the Lady Lever Art Gallery, Port Sunlight near Liverpool. It was another real challenge to me, as I’ve never drawn and/or painted a statue before this one. I also have little to no experience painting people. I enjoyed it so much and am pretty happy with the outcome.