Challenge – Day 11 Painting

20150924_001042-roses-cropped PS15-smaller to post     Roses

This is a painting that I began a few months ago. I liked it as far as it went, but the composition was lacking, so I set it aside for a time. I picked it up a couple of weeks ago and knew what I needed to do to make it work better. I was able to alter and finish this work in just a couple of hours, but it took months for the inspiration and motivation to be there…as often happens with art! And I finally have the confidence to share it on the challenge and here!


IMG_20150117_243243_944-cans-croppedPS-smaller to post  “Pour It On”  Day 13 painting

Yay! I finally got another painting done! As I’ve said, it can be a time struggle, but I am still very determined to complete 30! This one was a lot of fun and is based on a reference photo I got from somewhere probably 8-10 years ago. Apparently this was the right time to use it. Since I love to garden, this seems very fitting for me-related to flowers, but not flowers this time!