mecroppedfromkristanswedding-color&lightingaltered-47b7d724b3127cce98548b57ead700000007100AcNGjhk2bt2Ng    “I am an artist because I have a passion for art and the happiness it brings to our lives. Being the most visually pleasing to me, watercolor is my medium of choice. I choose my subject matter as I chose my primary medium-what I am most drawn to, what I find beautiful, something I would want to live with in my own home. I also sketch, do pencil portraits and have recently found joy in dabbling with pen and ink. I love the exciting challenge of experimenting with new styles, approaches and other media. Learning and trying new things further ignites my love of the creation of art. When I see a beautiful scene, it speaks to me and I have to paint it. I have a persistent need to learn, improve and continue to grow in my art. To further that, I am currently studying from my wonderful collection of art instruction books and videos. I hope my paintings bring to others the joy and beauty I see all around me.”


Elaine was born and raised in Eastern Washington. She has four grown children and 4 young grandchildren; sadly none of them live near her. Besides her art, she enjoys cooking, gardening and many crafts including knitting, crocheting and beading. She remembers having a love of art from a very early age, which wasn’t encouraged nor was it taught in the school system of the small town where she grew up.

Elaine began watercolor through a strong desire and a chance visit to Spokane Art Supply’s “Great Art Adventure” over 13 years ago. There she met and talked with Jim Weisen, who was giving a watercolor demo. With his encouragement, she took a chance and began his class immediately, continuing to study with him for about three years. She still regards him was her mentor and friend. While in large part self-taught after learning basics from Jim Weisen, she has also taken classes or workshops from Terry Madden, Dale Laitinen, Stan Miller, Jack Rogers, Betty Jo Cook, Loretta Jenkins, Ginger Rose, Shirley Wright and Sue Rohrback. She feels each of these artists has helped to enrich her art in many ways.

Elaine’s membership and involvement in Spokane Watercolor Society is very important to her; she is currently serving her second year as their President. She feels the connections she has made with fellow artists are invaluable. She loves being on the board and is especially proud of creating the group’s website and being admin on their Facebook page.

Lacking the drawing experience she felt she needed, Elaine joined Spokane Sketchers, a local meetup group, in 2013. She says that has made a huge difference in the way she approaches her art. She now draws something pretty much every day and all of her paintings are hand drawn first.



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