January 2015 Challenge

I wanted a place to post all 30 paintings in order in one place. This is it-maybe until I do this crazy challenge again!

Santa ornament painting-PS-IMG_20150103_163140_806 Jan. 1

IMG_20150105_245743_766-PS-smaller to post Jan. 2

Calla lily-PS-resized for posting-IMG_20150106_015332_446 Jan. 3  IMG_20150107_230359_160 PS-resized for posting Jan. 4

IMG_20150107_230611_964-PS-resized for posting Jan. 5

IMG_20150109_141753_751-Bike-PS-maybe better copy-smaller for posting Jan. 6

Bird of Paradise-PS-smaller for posting-IMG_20150110_210331_233 Jan. 7

cow portrait Jan. 8

IMG_20150113_014444_546-Arch-croppedPS-smaller for posting Jan. 9

IMG_20150114_015500_822-Orca-PS-Day 10 Jan. 10

IMG_20150114_015553_153-rose-PS-smaller for posting Jan. 11

IMG_20150116_024723_711-palette sketch-croppedPS-smaller for posting Jan. 12

IMG_20150117_243243_944-cans-croppedPS-smaller to post Jan. 13

IMG_20150118_133353_121-mission-croppedPS-smaller to post Jan. 14

IMG_20150118_180920_723-hibiscus-croppedPS-smaller to post Jan. 15

IMG_20150118_234218_464-albatross-croppedPS2-smaller to post Jan. 16

IMG_20150120_231628_705-zebra-croppedPS Jan. 17 IMG_20150121_244919_246-Galway-croppedPS Jan. 18

IMG_20150122_231441_193-horse-croppedPS-smaller to post  Jan. 19

IMG_20150123_220617_522-turtle-croppedPS-smaller to post Jan. 20

IMG_20150124_202553_072-Jan challenge-croppedPS-smaller to post Jan. 21

IMG_20150125_241902_416-crab-croppedPS-smaller to post-one I used Jan. 22

IMG_20150126_231413_073-lighthouse-croppedPS-smaller to post Jan. 23

IMG_20150127_133401_385-elephant-croppedPS-smaller to post Jan. 24

IMG_20150127_215725_353-roseyuck-croppedPS-smaller to post Jan. 25 IMG_20150128_141927_910-egret-croppedPS Jan. 26

IMG_20150128_141725_430-beach-croppedPS-smaller to post Jan. 27

IMG_20150130_121720_546-roses for Debbie-newest photo Jan. 28

IMG_20150129_232600_375-Lindy-croppedPS-smaller to post Jan. 29

IMG_20150131_125949_020-corner-croppedPS-smaller to post Jan. 30

PicMonkey Collage

Jan. 31

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