Oh my gosh-this whole week has been a challenge when it comes to my art! I’m trying desperately to spend time in my studio, but things just keep cropping up that prevent it. Of course, it was SWS meeting week (as I already mentioned) and it takes a lot of time to email, prepare for and run the meeting. Then Thursday was the weekly meeting of Spokane Sketchers and I haven’t made it there much in the past few months, so I went to that. Not that it isn’t working on art – as well as having lunch – but it’s not something I planned to use for the 30 in 30 challenge. However… Well, even though I am working on three paintings, I have had so little time to devote to them that I decided to use my quick little piece from the meetup. My mind was so much in my studio today rather than on sketching that I found little inspiration, so I ended up doing a quick sketch of one of my travel palettes. Oh well, tomorrow will be a more productive day!

IMG_20150116_024723_711-palette sketch-croppedPS-smaller for posting   “Travel Palette”  Day 12 pen & ink/watercolor sketch

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  1. this is perfect. My honey keeps telling me to just do studies, to just paint and let it flow. Wish it were that easy for me. I have at least 6 or 7 paintings going on a one time. Just not enough time in the day, and who thought up the crazy fact that we have to sleep so much? I’m much rather be painting,One of these days I’m going to paint my pallet cause I love it when others do.
    peace n abundance,

    • admin says:

      Thanks for encouragement, CheyAnne-and for checking out my blog! I agree about the sleep-and I would also comment on society’s rules about day/night and being productive. For me, as an artist, I’m productive when it works for me-and I’m happiest when I’m being creative. I send emails to the Spokane Watercolor Society members at 2 or 3 AM all the time, usually when I’ve finally come out of my studio-I really get a LOT of comments about that… As for the palette, it was a fun quick project. I just wish I could have recreated correctly all the splotches and smears of paint that look so pretty in reality!

      This 30 in 30 challenge is wonderful and I’m so glad I’m trying it! I still don’t know if I’ll manage to catch up with the days that have gone by, but I definitely know that I’ve already painted more this month than ever before. That’s a great thing because no matter how well something turns out, it’s all about practice and learning from mistakes.

      Peace to you too, CheyAnne. And please do come back to visit here anytime!


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