IMG_20150111_230952_649-cow-PS-smaller for posting  “Moo Selfie”  Day 8 painting

What a fun project this was! I have never tried to paint a cow before so this was yet another learning experience. This reference just grabbed me! I must thank and give credit to the photographer, Raido Holm, for his imaginative camera work. I found the image on a Facebook page called “Artist Reference Photos,” where all are copyright free; you just must agree to credit the photographer.

So, I have now managed to paint and post eight, tying my previous “record.” I have begun two others and, now that I found that FB page, I have all kinds of fun new reference photos to inspire me. In addition, in looking through a number of my own pictures on the computer, I keep seeing ones I have meant to paint (sometimes for years)! So, no excuses-I just have to make the time! I love the challenge and am definitely feeling a sense of accomplishment! Practicing my art is such a happy pursuit!

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4 Responses to Challenges

  1. Susan says:

    Wonderful cow. I can’t believe this is your first attempt to paint our lovely bovine friends!

  2. This painting is so lovely! I could look at it all day and never tire of it.

    Thank you for including that facebook page. I think the most challenging part of 30in30 is finding subject matter! I am the same way about photographs I took thinking I will paint them. Maybe it is like cooking. Everything tastes better if someone else cooks it, maybe every photo is more interesting if someone else takes it.

    • admin says:

      Hi Elisha! Thank you for your kind comment about my cow painting. It just makes me happy every time I look at it.

      Yes, subject matter can be a real issue. I’m glad you saw that and were able to take advantage of that FB page too. I simply ran across it accidentally less than two weeks ago and I have already found it very useful. There is another one that you may not know about. It’s, which is a world-wide artist site, free to sign up and use. There are all kinds of challenges monthly in every medium you can imagine as well as all different subjects. There is also an absolutely huge searchable reference library, which is all supposed to be copyright free too. Artists share their paintings, participate in challenges; I have even been a part of a Christmas card exchange the past two years, which has been a lot of fun. I think you would find Wetcanvas a wonderful place to try!

      Thanks again-and please do keep coming back to my blog!


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