Inspiration – part 3

You just never know what your source of inspiration might be on any given day. Today is a perfect example. I had a post almost ready to upload and then I saw a Facebook post by my close friend, Jeanne. She had changed her profile picture to her beautiful painting of her beloved cat, Blue, who they lost this week. While I am heartbroken for Jeanne because she’s my friend and because I know how painful losing a four-legged family member is, her loss inspired me to get into my studio and start a painting of my cat, Reenie. She (Reenie) was recently very ill with a liver ailment and has apparently, with a lot of work, money and prayer, recovered fully, for which I am very thankful. So why not honor my beautiful, now healthy cat in the same way? I’ve meant to do a painting of her since I got her two years ago. What better time than now?! While you’re reading about my inspiration, I’ll be in my studio setting aside everything else to do exactly that. And, with Jeanne’s kind permission, I am sharing her story and her painting of Blue.

Jeanne W painting of Blue-resizedforweb    “Blue” by Jeanne Wallace


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2 Responses to Inspiration – part 3

  1. Susan Downes says:

    Wow Elaine !
    This is really terrific !!! Good for you Girl !!! Your sure to get a ton of followers !
    I love it…..Susan

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much, Susan! I’m glad you checked it out. Hopefully it will be “build it and they will come.” I love doing this and I really do want others to enjoy and get inspiration from it!

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