Monday morning I dropped in for a visit to my art mentor’s watercolor class. Jim is a wonderful artist and teacher and he never fails to inspire me-and, at the age of 92, he still teaches at least one class a week. There were 6 students in his class this week, all of whom were having a great time learning from him. I so enjoyed meeting the four people that I didn’t know, visiting with the two I do know and looking through Jim’s more recent class demos. It shames me to not be painting regularly, but it also motivates me, so perhaps that was exactly what I needed to stop being lazy and making excuses and to get me back into my studio and producing something!

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  1. jeanne wallace says:

    Elaine, lazy is not an adjective I would use you to describe you. My adjective would be energetic. You truly are an inspiration in that you are always working to improve your own artistic talents as well as those of SWS members by sharing your personal art experiences – so there!!!

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