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A little catching up-

Have I mentioned that I am very proud to now be the president-elect of Spokane Watercolor Society? I love being a part of that group and I look forward (with some trepidation) to being the “leader” for the coming year.

I have gone to my second Spokane Sketch Club “meetup,” met several more members and enjoyed myself thoroughly. I joined to network with other local artists beyond SWS, not knowing how or if the group would fit well into my life – so far, I’m very pleased that I did so. We met in the Garland District Thursday of last week, where there was a local street music fundraiser going on to benefit our local Second Harvest Food Bank. Great cause, nice entertainment and wonderful subjects for sketching all over the place. Here is a bad photo of my quick sketch of the “Milk Bottle Restaurant” from that day.

Milk Bottle sketch-IMG_20130622_023509_022 copy

Tomorrow is a meetup at Manito Park’s Nishinomiya Japanese Gardens. It is perhaps the most unique and beautiful park garden in Spokane, although to me the rose garden, lilac garden and the perennial garden in Manito Park are all equally wonderful, all in different ways and at different times of the year! Because I haven’t been to the Japanese Garden in years and I don’t know just where my pictures taken there are filed on the computer, I’m borrowing one from a Google search just to show how wonderful this garden is.

Also, because I haven’t painted anything this week, I’m also including a photo of a view from my bedroom window that I took 3 days ago. It is of just a small part of the amazing perennial/rose garden I have in my yard. I will add that the reason I haven’t painted anything this week is that I’ve been busy working in my yard – it takes a lot of work to keep up with the weeding and plant care – and “playing” with friends! Not very disciplined, huh?!

Manito Park Japanese Garden from posted by bellemask in a blog there              backyard taken 6-18-13-1014332_4931935016337_104553087_n

Japanese Garden, post by                          6-18-13 in my back yard

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