Painting Styles

With spring finally here and birds everywhere, another Wetcanvas challenge grabbed my attention earlier this month. This time it’s the called the “Fur, Feathers and Scales Challenge”. The reference for this painting came from the March challenge ( and I did not paint it in time to post it there, as this one closes at the end of each month. Since I’m not very familiar with painting birds of any kind and I think Bluebirds (this one is an Eastern Bluebird) are really gorgeous, I wanted to paint it for the experience. This painting is 1/8 watercolor sheet-about 7”x 10”; it’s a very simple rendition of the reference, not well composed but practice nevertheless. Even though I don’t totally love the painting, I’m posting it because I want to encourage everyone to try new things in their art-subject matter, methods, media, whatever; it all expands our knowledge and stretches us as artists! Get out the paints and brushes and just do it!



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  1. jeanne wallace says:

    Elaine, you are so right about trying new subjects in your art. I am as well and will bring a photo of what I’m working on now to the meeting. It’s almost completed. This blog is truly inspirational. Sometimes fear of leaving our comfort zone deprives us of possible new journeys in our art whether it is color, subject matter, composition, etc. Your blog reinforces and encourages us to fight this fear. Thanks! See you on the 8th.

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