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Welcome to my art blog! Why a blog? Because I love art and I love to communicate and to share my enthusiasm-what could be more perfect? I hope you will follow along with me on this journey and that you find inspiration here!

For me it’s true that even the worst day involved in an artistic endeavor is better than most any other day doing something else. So, to begin with, where do I find inspiration? After that, who knows what artistic subjects I might touch on… Please come along on this artistic journey!

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  1. jeanne wallace says:

    Great job on the portrait. I love this blog. It is reinforcing to know that there are others out there in the Art community who are challenged by the lack of inspiration. Your blog is a welcomed asset to all of us who struggle with the where and how to find the inspiration to motivate us to create. Thank you! Thanks too for mentioning Wet Canvas. I haven’t been on the site for sometime – but will start again today. Jeanne

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much for you kind words, Jeanne! I’m so glad you checked it out and I hope you will visit frequently. I want you to know that I have started my attempt at a portrait of Reenie-it will show up on here soon-I hope.

  2. Carole says:

    I feel the same way as Jeanne. We all struggle with inspiration, especially the kind that will get us through the rough spots of the painting. There is something positive about reading someone else’s thoughts on the subject. By the way, great writing.. Keep it up.

    • admin says:

      Thanks so much, Carole, for your positive feedback! I’m so glad you and Jeanne find the beginning subject interesting and useful. It seemed like a logical place to start since I haven’t really painted since November so I was struggling with it – and because I know others have mentioned having a hard time getting started again after that kind of time away from it! It’s like having readers follow along as I discover various methods to inspire me and, hopefully, them too. I have many more topics in mind at this point but I’m not done with “inspiration” yet.

      • Linda says:

        Hi Elaine,
        You are an inspiration! Not only are you finding the time to paint, but time to write! This will become a great journal for you. I would love to do a blog but I’m very hesitant to take on any more at this point. I can hardly find time to paint these days!
        Good luck with the blog and I look forward to reading more inspiring words!

        • admin says:

          Thank you so much, Linda! Inspiration-me? I think you qualify for that description much more than I do, as you inspire me every time we meet! You’re such an “idea person!” The blog is time-consuming, but I’m loving it. Now I just need a “following!” And please do come along on this “journey” with me!

  3. Gail says:

    Journaling is powerful way to channel thoughts and just dump ideas out on a surface to sort through – better yet to throw it up on a blog to encourage someone else and get feedback, too. Inspiration is an open dialogue with us all – it will be fun to see where this goes:-)

    • admin says:

      Yes it will, Gail. I know so many artists who also struggle with inspiration-especially when they have been out of the studio for a while. And we all get “blocked” sometimes. So, why not share my thoughts and ideas and hope it helps in some way everyone who visits. And I hope I do get a lot of responses; I want it to be an open dialogue here!

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