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I wrote yesterday of painting a subject that you’re particularly drawn to. My friend and fellow artist, Jeanne Wallace, is my guest blogger today, writing of what most draws her and why. Thanks for sharing, Jeanne!


Elaine had asked me to write something about why I love to paint statues.  Well, for one thing, they sit still!  However, my real reason is that some of them “speak” to me. In the three images I’ve included here I saw honor, humility, and humor. Three attributes that I personally appreciate in my fellow human beings, and hope to attain in my own personal growth.  “To All the Women of the Nation” is a statue I found in “The Cloister” of the Washington Memorial Chapel surrounded by the Valley Forge National State Park, Valley Forge, PA.  The other two, “Daydreaming” and “Confucius Said What?,” were treasures I found in local gardens.  My search continues……  Who knows, you may see a stranger taking a photo of one of your statues for the very reason I take my photos.  Thanks Elaine for starting this wonderful blog.

To All the Women of the Nation                   Daydreaming

 To All the Women of the Nation                                   Daydreaming

                         Confucious said what?

                                           Confucius Said What?

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  1. Gail says:

    I completely agree about the compulsion to paint something that is ‘speaking’ to me. It is more often a mood with a subtle message that continues to swirl around in my head until I give it a ‘presence’ on paper – either with painting mediums or written verse. This is a common thread among my artist friends; we’ve talked about and shared that ‘drive’ to commit something to paper. Probably why I have such a hard time painting on request – where’s the siren’s voice? LoL!

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