Another class-based painting

Basalt Cliff-scanned then cropped MS     Basalt Rock Cliff

This was just plain fun to do-as well as very frustrating! Rocks are a subject I often struggle with, as I did last week when I did this painting. Again, rather than follow Jim’s style, I used bolder and/or darker colors in the style to which I aspire (from the workshop), along with scraping for the rocks. I like the results I got, but my instructor didn’t. Regardless of anyone’s opinion, it’s all practice and that’s a good thing! I think I’ll frame it and hang it in my studio!

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2 Responses to Another class-based painting

  1. My first thought was, “Wow, nice rocks.” I am not good at rocks either. Your tree is nice too.

    • Elaine says:

      Thank you so much Elisha! I especially appreciate the comments about the rocks, which as I said, I liked but my instructor didn’t. The best news about this painting is that I just found out yesterday that it is one of two of my paintings that just sold! It was among several I had at our local Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture (The MAC) in our Spokane Watercolor Society member show there. The show came down Monday and I had no idea. What great news to start the year! Thanks again-and please do stop by often!

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