How Time Flies…

20151010_213240-leaves-wordshop-with bent watermark-smaller to post     Falling Leaves

I cannot believe it is this far into October and I have posted nothing since the 2nd! Time really does fly-although I’m not so sure it’s always when you’re having fun… More likely, it is often when you’re just too busy to notice! My last post was the day of our First Friday Spokane Watercolor Society 2015 Juried Show opening. Since that time, I took a one-day sketch workshop from amazing Urban Sketcher, Don Colley, as well as doing much work for the juried show awards, helped with the award reception and was privileged to be in one of the two most awesome workshops I have ever taken! The workshop, taught by the fabulous Vancouver, WA artist, Bev Jozwiak, was three days of intense, but fun, learning. This is the painting I did in the workshop the first day, using as close as I could come to Bev’s style of painting and completely different from anything I have created before. I love it! Now I’m playing catch-up on all the things on which I fell behind and struggling to get into my studio to practice the wonderful things I learned in Bev’s workshop. Life really does get busy and hectic, but if I didn’t love doing all that I do, I simply wouldn’t do it! More paintings to come…

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  1. I love the colors in this piece! I love Bev too. I was so close to taking a workshop with her once. It’s still a dream of mine. Her work is so wonderful, as is yours! Great job.

    • Elaine says:

      Thank you for the wonderful compliment, Elisha! I have been asked,”Why blue leaves?”, to which I simply have to reply, “Why not?!” I did this the first day of Bev’s workshop and it was such a fun, freeing piece to paint! It was so different in style from what I usually do that when I finished it, I was actually a little in awe that I had actually painted it! When you have another chance to take her workshop, just do it! It’s probably the best one I’ve ever been in and I’m just so glad I had the opportunity! Now, even when I paint in my more usual style, I still work differently after having learned from her and I feel that’s a very good thing! In fact, the rocks in my other painting that you like were strongly influenced by what I learned from Bev. Thanks again!

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